Managing Mental Health for Students and School Personnel

You and your students are facing unprecedented challenges as a result of COVID-19. This course helps you, your students and school staff cope with the anxiety, stressors and emotions that come with teaching and learning during a pandemic.

Get immediate guidance

Quickly understand and address the pandemic’s impact on you and your students’ mental well-being and how to support student outcomes.

Identify key coping strategies

Gain practical knowledge, strategies and tools to identify and remediate mental health stressors you and your students are facing

Designed by interdisciplinary experts from the Johns Hopkins Center for Safe and Healthy Schools.

About the course

Teaching under normal circumstances has been recognized as a high-stress job. This stress has only been intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic as you cope with navigating new modes of teaching, entering potentially unsafe work spaces and struggling to care for students. 

Left unchecked, these stressors have the potential to undermine student learning and achievement, as well as your own success and well-being. 

This series of modules will help validate the new range of mental health stressors you and your students are currently experiencing, in class and at home. 

You will discover and develop coping skills and strategies that are relevant for you and your students' specific situations. Plus, you’ll learn new tools to identify and remediate mental health stressors affecting students, teachers and school-based personnel to ensure your class feels safe and supported throughout the pandemic and beyond. 

Learn from the experts

Designed to support everyone at school during the pandemic

Learn essential strategies for helping you and your students cope with mental health stressors that can affect student learning outcomes.

Give your teachers and students the leadership and support they need to navigate these unprecedented times.

Ensure everyone at school feels emotionally supported and safe as you overcome this difficult situation together.




Learn how to deal with the heightened stress that you and your students are facing during the pandemic

Course Details

The support you and your students need to navigate this difficult time

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Course type

Online and self-paced


Course structure

Teachers can purchase the full course or each of six modules individually.




12 hours for the full course / 2 hours per module


$249 for the full course / $49 for each module

$199 for the full course* / $39 for each module*


1 CEU for 10 hours of learning

*Introductory pricing. Discounted school pricing available upon request.


Course curriculum

With more demands on teachers than ever before, we know your time is precious. That’s why we’ve designed this course to be 100% online and self-paced to fit into your busy schedule. 

You can complete the full course with 12 hours of learning or, alternatively, each of the six short and impactful course modules are available for purchase individually and can be completed in 2 hours of learning.


Module 1: Brain-targeted teaching as a means to improve student learning outcomes. 
In this module, you will focus on brain-targeted teaching to improve student learning outcomes and the impact of fear, trauma and stress on students’ academic success. You will also consider the vulnerability factors that may increase or intensify the impacts of stress on already at-risk students.


Module 2: The psychosocial and developmental needs of gifted students.
In this module, you will examine the particular psychosocial and developmental needs of gifted students and challenges around motivation and stress. 


Module 5: The impact of substance abuse on learning and social development. 
In this module, you will consider the role of schools in identifying and addressing the impact of substance abuse on learning and social development, as well as the benefits of employing a schoolwide strengths-based approach to support students, staff and families.


Module 6: The importance of positive mental health outcomes among teachers and school-based personnel.
In this module, you will consider the importance of self-care and positive work relationships in managing work stress, the impact of high teacher turnover on the school community and student success, and the critical need for teacher support and stress management.


Module 3: The long-term impact of violence and trauma on child and youth development.
In this module, you will consider the long-term impact of violence and trauma on child and youth development, as well as holistic approaches to provide remediation.


Module 4: The causes, potential intervention strategies, and impact of suicide ideation.
In this module, you will consider the causes, potential intervention strategies and the impact of suicide ideation, as well as the relationship between positive school outcomes and the reduction in suicide ideation.


Learning During a Pandemic: